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vitality_rx's Journal

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Journey To Vitality

-[[Beating Candidiasis and Regaining My Life Force]]-



I have a condition called Systemic Candidiasis [yeast overgrowth, candida overgrowth]. Candida yeast is a breed of bacteria that is naturally found in the intestines. In a healthy system, it is kept in control by the balance of other "good" bacterias. Large doses of broad-spectrum antibiotics [prescribed to me for acne] stormed into my intestines and obliterated everything in its path -- both the good and bad bacteria. When I discontinued use [after 5 years of mass consumption], the "bad" bacteria, Candida, hijacked my body and grew exponentially. There weren't any beneficial bacterias left to regain balance -- they aren't as easy to repopulate.

A mild Candida overgrowth causes a vaginal yeast infection [in women, of course], a severe systemic overgrowth will break your whole system down. Also, long-term antibiotic [ab]use trains your immune system to depend on the substance to fight intruders [pathogens]. When you cut off the supply, the immune system can no longer handle even the least opposition -- it is weakened and dependent on the drugs. So all I was left with was a pathetic excuse for an immune system and Candida yeast growing in every nook and cranny of my body. This problem is common but unfortunately not recognized by normal doctors simply because there are no double-blind tests to confirm its existence. But it is a very real disease, whether or not they recognize it.

In addition to Candidiasis, I also have Mononucleosis/Epstein Barr, Leaky Gut Syndrome [holes in my intestines -- can't digest properly], intestinal parasites and I strongly suspect Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [it often goes along with Candida]. All of these factors combine to create an extremely strong, stubborn force to contend with.


+ Sleep Disorder // Some difficulty getting to sleep [although that has been a life-long struggle].. but the main issue is that the sleep is nonrestorative and often cut short. I'll sleep for 2-3 hours and wake up feeling jittery and manic [like I had consumed large amounts of coffee], unable to get back to sleep. I go through 1-2 week periods of sleeping only a few hours a night. It is by far the most debilitating of all my symptoms.

+ Food Sensitivities // Problem foods: Sugar [worst], dairy, vinegar, refined carbs [breads, pasta, etc.], wheat [gluten], some nuts, eggs, yeast. Immediately after consumption, I get gas, bloating and severe mood swings. Later on they cause a range of symptoms including sore throats, swollen glands, fatigue, headache, mucous, mild fever, etc.

+ Excess Mucous // Constantly coughing up brown, yellow, sometimes red-flecked [or even small amounts of watered-down blood] phlegm. Often in chunks. Always clearing throat -- itchy.

+ Recurrent Vaginal Infections // Yeast infection, Bacterial Vaginosis, Urinary Tract Infection. I have at least one of these at any given time. Medications only briefly mask the condition.

+ Constipation // Up to 4-5 days without bowel movement. I feel like my body's being poisoned. I get stomach cramps, depression, sometimes pain.

+ Wild Mood Swings // Especially after sugar intake, I become really hyper and then angry [even enraged] or emotional. Very irritable and easily annoyed. This symptom immediately dies down when I cut out problem foods.

+ Dry Skin, Lips and Eyes // Flakey, peeling skin all over my body, but especially my face. Comes off in chunks sometimes. Lips are always chapped, peeling and raw. Eyes are often dry and red.

+ Fatigue // Mostly when I am NOT on the Candida Diet -- eating anything I want. I am tired all day. Even when I am on the diet, I am easily exhausted and lack energy. I can't lead a normal, active life.

+ Low Tolerance to Exertion // I get sick almost immediately following exercise/movement of any sort. Even walking is too strenuous. I've tried repeatedly, but I get feverishness, swollen glands, and sore throat.

+ Muscle/Joint Aches // Not sharp pain, but serious dull aches in shoulders and neck mostly. And around the spine. Always present, crippling at times. Occasional jaw pain for periods of time.

+ Brain Fog // Bad short-term memory, dyslexic tendencies [mixed up words, spelling], can't access vocabulary as easily. My brain works slow and sluggishly.

+ Dehydration // Almost always very thirsty no matter how much water I drink. It's like I'm not absorbing it. Especially after eating trouble foods.

+ Frequent Urination // This may very well be a byproduct of the vaginal infections. Even when I haven't consumed any beverages for hours, I have to urinate frequently.

+ Itchy Patches of Skin // Random spots on my body itch terribly at times. No signs of rash or any other skin problem besides flaking.

+ Panic Attacks/Anxiety // Panic Attacks -- fear of dying, nausea, vertigo, shortness of breath, numbness in arms, chest pain. Lasts up to 10 hours. Anxiety -- hyperventilation, crying, dizziness, feeling trapped. Lasts up to 15 mins. These occur off and on, usually spurred by a stressful situation.


Mainly, I have created this journal to compile all of the valuable information I find online and elsewhere. By doing this in a public forum such as LiveJournal, I am also able to share my findings with you. I spend countless hours per week researching my ailments. All of the information posted is high quality [although I cannot guarantee all methods will work for you specifically]. If you have any questions/thoughts/arguments.. please feel free to comment or email me. I am always open to new ideas.

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