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The most comprehensive, thorough treatment plan I've ever seen [!!]

Dr. Biamonte is a genius! --->

Check out the program tour. This is great info.

This is just a taste of what the site has to offer. There are numerous pages describing each phase in full and even a list of supplements to use. You can join the Biamonte Center treatment plan in person or by phone. The services are a bit pricey -- but it's worth it. Or you can see another cheaper [but competent] nutritionist/alternative practitioner and follow the plan on your own. This stuff really works!

Basic outline:

DISORDERS OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: including yeast infections, chronic candida parasites, chronic viral conditions and chronic bacterial infections.

INITIAL CONSULTATION: Urine and stool test, interview and history in order to determine the correct testing and program needed to resolve health problems.

Urine test may be performed to check for enzyme levels if immediate digestive support is warranted. A "setup program" may be given. This is a program designed to prepare the client's body for the program that will address the clients actual complaints.

MAJOR TESTING Blood tests to determine viral levels and activity. Urine and stool to determine Bacteria, parasite and Candida levels.

Organix test to determine all deficiencies

Saliva testing for immune system function and hormone levels.

Liver function testing for detoxifying ability of body.

Urine tests to determine leaky gut syndrome.

Urine tests to determine vitamin and mineral absorption and need for additional enzymes to normalize digestion.

Stool and hair tests for toxic metals

PHASE 0: The elimination of the top layers of parasites, candida and bacteria from the intestinal tract.

END RESULT: An Intestinal tract that is prepared and set up to get the full benefit of Phase 1&2.

PHASE ONE: Use of specific herbal and natural remedies to greatly reduce harmful bacteria,parasites,yeast or viruses throughout the body. Selected based on test results, patient history and overall health.Complementary diet used to slow down the infections ability to eat and grow.

END RESULT: Major, stable improvement.


PART A: Cleansing of intestines and bowel of all remaining candida and harmful microbes.

Destruction of any remaining parasites,yeast,bacteria or viruses from their hiding places by the use of special natural substances.

PART B: Introduction of substances that feed friendly bacteria, friendly bacteria and substances that boost the intestinal immune system.

PART C: Repair of leaky or damaged intestinal tract.Reduction or elimination of food allergies and sensitivities.

END RESULT: Elimination of chronic infections,normalized intestinal and digestive function.

PHASE THREE: Vitamin/mineral/ herbal re-balancing of all glands and organs of the body in order to increase energy and enhance metabolism.Normalizes cardiovascular,reproductive and energy producing systems. Removes toxic metals and overload of toxic chemicals from the body.



PART A: Vitamin\mineral\amino acid\herbal\enzyme program to nourish,repair and detoxify the immune system.

PART B: Vitamin\mineral\ amino acid\ herbal\enzyme program to stimulate immune function and increase T-cell function.

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